Alberto Morillo

Alberto Morillo has been practicing falconry since he was 12 years old and immediately opted for arrogance. From a very young age he was passionate about the world of jewelry and metal crafts and later studied at the Jewelery School of Cordoba where he began his career specializing in wax modeling, gemology and artisan jewelry. He later completed his apprenticeship in the disciplines of engraving, setting and casting. He worked in different jewelry firms and how could it be otherwise joined his two great passions, to now offer some of the best items in this market. His mastery and knowledge of the needs of the falconer makes Alberto Morillo an indispensable craftsman. Its handmade screws fulfill the most demanding expectations, its pieces “Jewel” bathed in gold and silver are the example that this master jeweler does not stop researching to offer the best of himself.

Alejandro Oria

Alejandro Oria is a falconer and nature photographer based in Madrid. In his long career of more than twenty years of experience, he has reflected with his snapshots all the cetreras modalities practiced in Spain. Winner of the First Falconry Photography Contest of AECCA in 2011, his images have been published in several magazines and books of falconry. In the years 2011 and 2014 he represented Spain as a photographer specializing in falconry at the Falconry Festival held in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Alfonso García (Zarza)

Alfonso García (Zarza) is the author of the book “Cetrería con cernícalos”, published in 2011, he is also the author of numerous articles for different falconry magazines such as “Top-Falconry” and falconry associations such as AECCA.
In 2015 he collaborated in the book “Veterinary Manual of the raptors” of Alfonso Bañeres.
He has moderated the web since more than fifteen years ago: cetrerí, where he also intervenes assiduously as a user writing numerous topics of interest.
Actively participates in social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
Lover of the poultry hunt, during his twenty years of passion for falconry, he has traveled and known falconers both in Spain, Latin America and Arab Countries, where he has shared many hunting days.
Train and advise falconers in hunting with kestrels and other birds of prey.
He gives talks and conferences on falconry and conservation.
Make aid projects to promote the breeding of wild birds.
Amateur photography related to rural life and nature.
He collaborates in different falconry competitions organizations at a national level, being a frequent participant of the same, and is part of the organization of the first exclusive competition of small raptors in Spain “Versatile Trophy”.

Darío Pérez

Darío Pérez was born in 1966 and very soon, when he was just 15 years old he started practicing falconry, so it was not easy to get adequate equipment to practice it, so he started to make his own products.
Over time he was not only getting more expertise but also better patterns, little by little he managed to design his own equipment in a more personalized way, up to the present time.
Darío continues making constant improvements in his products, and he gets a very specialized craftsmanship that the falconers know how to recognize.
Well known in the falconer world mainly in Spain but also in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and the USA “.

Pedro Aldea

Pedro Luis García Aldea was born on May 15, 1969 in Mingorría, a small village in Ávila.
He lived in a rural enclave and surrounded by nature and animals.
Living so involved in nature, quickly led him to begin to paint and translate it later in the sculptures; Passionate about drawing and painting, he started decorating shirts in the paratrooper brigade, where he did the military as a volunteer.
He was fond of motorcycling and began to paint helmets and bikes with airbrush, murals, wheel covers, all this, while painting pictures, especially raptors.
He went from acrylic painting to oil and to small sculptures, silhouettes, decorating slate and making clocks.
After two decades evolving, he created the spectacular sculptures of birds of prey, hunting at life size.
He painted the frescoes of the Roman museum of Carucedo in Las Médulas, and restored the altarpiece of a private chapel.
Carving and decorating with a magnificent quality, replicas of the eggs of all breeding birds in Spain, for museums and private collections and replacement eggs for centers of breeding in captivity of raptors of Spain.
Without forgetting the collection of carved footprints of birds and mammals.
What will be your next project? Surely something very natural related to nature or its inhabitants, which have always served as inspiration.

Pedro Fernández

Pedro Fernández was born in 1963 in Madrid.
He is dedicated to photography, especially of nature and for the last eighteen years photographer dedicated to falconry.
He is the official photographer of the Spanish team of falconry, the falconry association, Amigo Felix and the Championship of the Old Crown of Aragon.
Photographic collaborator in days of León, Championship of Spain, Castilla León, Catalonia Cup, Castilla la Mancha Championship and the International Great Breeds Championship (CIGRE).
His photographs appear in the following books:
Author of the book Los Cernicalos, Alfonso García Fernández.
Book THE HUNT OF THE FOX WITH AGUILA REAL. Author, Pablo Bracamonte.
TROFEO Magazine (Hunting and conservation in its falconry section).
As well as several publications in the Heraldo de Aragón.

Ricardo Hernández

Ricardo Hernández Herrero, is a naturalist and artisan.
His start in craftsmanship began as a hobby, trying to make the best caperuzas and the best equipment for his birds of falconry.
Shortly thereafter it became an occasional craft manufacturing the equipment to friends or people close to it and even to a recovery center, as well as making caps for a study of the imperial eagle carried out by the Ministry of the Environment. Between one project and another, the opportunity to make realistic decoys arose. Currently falconry has advanced a lot in materials and technology and at the same time the use of drones has become popular in this sector, Hernández himself has had the opportunity to try them after having used balloons and kites.
The next step was to make decoys very similar to the species that hunt, but that had lightness and resistance and that were up to our birds and adapted to the needs of flying them with drone.
In this way, it develops a unique product in its class, which imitates perfectly the natural model, but with a lightness and durability that make it irresistible for birds. After eight months of testing the idea and materials, the AirDrone lures were born, these lures are the result of a natural and technological study that Ricardo Hernández completes with an excellent craftsmanship that provides many satisfactions even to the most demanding clients.

Rubén Olvera

ubén Olvera was born in San Fernando (Cádiz) in 1984, where he started in the art of falconry in 1999. He is passionate about the hunting of anatidae by arrogance and a lover of hunting with plumb hawks. In 2002, he left his native land to dedicate himself professionally to Falconry in Airports. Settled in Miguelturra, a town in the province of Ciudad Real, where he practices falconry at the Ciudad Real airport, a steppe paradise where he daily practices his profession as a falconer combining it with his telemetry and drones business. In 2012, it revolutionized the arrogance worldwide with the creation of the first altimeters in real time, a training tool that created a before and after both in the training of falcons and in competitions. In 2014 he developed the first drones specially designed for haughtiness, another training tool with a great reception in the sector. His business on the design and manufacture of new technologies is added to his contract in International Falconry, an online trade dedicated to the sale of radiotelemetries, where he will carry out the work of technician of the company Marshall Radio. At present, he continues to hunt with falcons in the lands of La Mancha and to carry out wildlife control work in airports, in addition to the manufacture of drones and his new incorporation in the company Microsensory, where he carries out marketing, technical and commercial assistance functions. He has spent his entire life delivered by and for falconry, having become a reference in the technological sector.

Pablo Luena

Pablo Luena began to be curious about falconry from a very young age. At the age of twelve, his first book on falconry falls into his hands, motivating him to elaborate the typical complements such as traditional pihuelas, corrones, slices, caperuzas, etc.
In 2005 he began to manufacture more professionally, starting with the most basic pieces.
Fully self-taught, over time has been learning, listening to advice from those who know: customers and craftsmen. Each anecdote, each request, each error committed, are the result of improvement in their work. “Improving day by day is the only way to evolve and for that reason has always tried to practice each discipline: iron and steel, rattles, caps, screws …”
It is in the leather articles where Pablo has specialized and offers us products of great quality, widely tested and with a component of modernity that make them very attractive in all the falconry disciplines.

Alfonso Garrido

Alfonso Garrido has over thirty years of experience managing different birds of prey for the hunting practice of falconry and fourteen years dedicated to craftsmanship. His beginnings in falconry were in Germany in the mid-1980s, where he acquired the methodology and vision on the management of birds of prey and falconry, being since then his great passion. Specialized in the elaboration of rattles, his creations have received the unanimous recognition of the cetrera community. His exclusive articles are the result of the improvement that Alfonso has constantly sought.