Ricardo Hernández AirDrone Magpie

Ricardo Hernández AirDrone Magpie


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AirDrone, lightweight but sturdy lures, ideal for flying them with drones but also as a lure for daily use in turning, have been made in such a way that we wanted to get as close as possible to wild specimens.
These decoys drive the birds crazy and attack them with more enthusiasm than normal lures.
We must notice that some hawks, sometimes, tend to want to pluck them until they realize their error after several days of work.
Ideal also for training and introduction to a wild prey and for use in wildlife controls.
They are lures that have great capacity to withstand the impacts of raptors against others made only in foam or other weaker materials.
The decoy is made of flexible foam of different densities that has been imported from the United States (since in Spain we have not found it) as well as the rubber material that covers the foam in different layers and that carries between them the paint, becoming therefore in permanent, since the painting of the bird’s body is not exposed to the medium.
Internally it carries a skeleton of piano string that gives consistency to the body and the wings, this material being very resistant.
The wings are made, intentionally, in soft and light leather, as we tried other materials such as polyester or vinyl, but we found it dangerous to be sharp on its edge (at least the materials we handle …), which could damage the birds.
The wings have been lowered from the horizontal plane to provide greater stability in flight and move in horizontal flight at high speed with the drone, especially those of larger lures.
These and all the parts are painted with non-toxic water-based paints and varnishes for our birds.
The greatest resistance is presented by the fuselage or body of the bird, but both this and the wings are resistant to rain and UV rays.

Note: the lures are made by hand, therefore no two are completely the same.

Length: 33 cm.
Wing span: 40 cm.
Thickness: 6 cm
Weight: 100 gr.
Special prices for orders over three units, get in touch with us.


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